Guest blog by 15-year-old Aidan Lewis

My name is Aidan Lewis. I have a brother with Down syndrome named Kennedy Lewis who is two years older than me. My first experience with him is when I was born. I have a picture where he is holding me with the most joy and care in his eyes. That's when I knew he was a true homie. We have been through literally everything together, the divorce, multiple moves between houses, new schools. Usually wherever I go, he goes. He is my only full-blood related sibling, the rest being half and step siblings, so in the end that makes us close. I, of course, try to be a role model for him. He seems to look up to me, despite me being the younger brother, so I try to have the best impact I have. He calls me “Captain” and likes to play around with me a lot, inserting a little brotherly rivalry and competition into every game and activity, which is always fun to watch. We always play basketball or ping pong, and he is always out to get me specifically, whether I'm on his team or not. Of course, it's not all fun and games, sometimes it's a real struggle. He doesn't always have the right mindset and takes it out on me once in a while. Like when we're watching a movie. We have very different tastes making it very political between the two of us. He usually ends up winning anyway. While I disagree with his way of thinking sometimes, I know we will always move on, and things will be good again. If I didn't have a brother with this disability, I would have had no idea it even existed. A lot of people will come to judge, it's unfortunate but it's the reality, in my opinion. I wouldn't ask for anyone else as a brother. He really is a joy and always knows exactly how to brighten anyone's day, as he always brightens mine and my family’s. I know he's almost 18, which is shocking. I honestly have no idea what happens after high school. But I wish him the very, very best. He deserves it like no one does and I know he will make a lot of people happy.