The dream team at ARC got a makeover with our friends at Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Denver! At ARC Thrift Stores, we believe in the power of community. There's nothing we can't accomplish when local businesses and local people come together to do some good. That's exactly what the stylists at Deseo did when they invited our ambassadors to their salon chairs for complimentary haircuts and styling.

As Colorado's premier luxury salon, the Jefferson Park-based beauty bar is a warm, welcoming environment centered around making every client feel flawless. From fresh summer highlights to bold fashion colors, balayage, haircuts, and everything in between, this local business is a one-stop glamour shop. Our ARC ambassadors were delighted to chat with the squad at Deseo as they created stunning new looks for our team. Nothing boosts our confidence quite like a style refresh at a professional salon. Everyone deserves a red carpet moment, and Deseo was there to deliver for our ambassadors.

ARC Thrift Stores enjoyed our salon experience almost as much as we enjoy the power of local businesses coming together to support inclusion, advocacy, and a stronger, more beautiful community. So take a closer look at our salon chair musings and learn more about how you can support ARC's mission.

Why Inclusion Matters

Inclusion is so much more than a buzzword. Diversity strengthens our local communities and empowers those around us. Stretching beyond our bubble helps promote a positive self-image. It also helps reduce bullying, support independence and opportunity for all Coloradans, and create lasting change throughout our neighborhoods. Inclusion teaches our children to be the kind of empathetic changemakers we strive to model in our community. We support honoring our common desire to live our best lives while celebrating our unique differences.

ARC’s mission of enriching the lives of adults with developmental disabilities centers around a shared goal of fostering independence, respect, and positivity throughout Colorado and beyond. Every individual deserves to feel beautiful, valued, and accomplished in their work. ARC proudly employs one of the largest numbers of persons with disabilities throughout Colorado. We advocate for truly equal employment opportunities and have successfully raised 100 million dollars for our local community since 2005.

How to Be a Changemaker

Being an advocate doesn't come with any special degrees or titles. You don't need a red cape to be a community superhero. In fact, there are many ways to support ARC's mission of fostering inclusion and enriching lives throughout Colorado. One of the best ways to invest in our community is by supporting local businesses. Whenever you shop our stores and see our friendly faces, you're investing in our mission of inclusion and advocacy. Supporting our local business pals, like Deseo Salon & BlowDry, makes our community a little stronger each and every day.

Other ways that you can don your invisible superhero cape and be a force for good throughout Colorado include getting involved. Consider donating a pledge each month. You can also donate your valuable time as a volunteer for the many programs at ARC Thrift Stores. We're always looking for helpful hands to be a part of our team. Take a closer look at our Working With a Purpose initiative and learn more about the ways ARC is making a difference. Share, promote, and spread awareness of this amazing mission. Then we can build an even brighter tomorrow for our Rocky Mountain community.

Thanks to Deseo Salon & BlowDry, we're stepping out into the beauty of inclusion with fresh new looks and styles to dazzle. Follow along with ARC Thrift Stores and see what other adventures our ambassadors have on the horizon as we work together for inclusion.