By Tiffany Sander, Ability Specilists

Ability Specialists was founded in 1999 by a husband and wife team that saw a need in the disability service community that wasn’t being met. Since then, hundreds of adults have come through our doors learning how to live, work, and feel more independent. These individuals have learned how to build deeper connections with their community, peers, and most importantly, themselves.

Ability Specialists is committed to helping every individual we work with reach his or her potential. We understand that no two people are alike, therefore it is our goal to ensure that we help every individual create their own specific success story. At Ability Specialists, we provide the proper steppingstones for our participants to succeed socially, intellectually, and in their work. We do this by teaching life, vocational, social, and emotional skills all while working to have meaningful interactions everywhere we go. With longstanding relationships with valuable community partners like arc Thrift Stores, we can put our beliefs into action making us a leader in the disability community. Our mentor-based supportive learning environment results in participants becoming well-adjusted adults with the freedom to pursue more self-driven lives.

The pandemic forced us to readjust how we connect with our participants and how they connect with each other. When we could not be together in person, Ability Specialists took its 20+ years of success in the social services field and integrated it into its new subsidiary Xpand!, a social network and virtual programming platform that provides daily online groups and social connection for adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Available soon to Coloradans and eventually the entire country, we are very excited to expand our community and to develop new, long-lasting connections. We have seen this platform be very successful within our community, and we can't wait to share it with others! Ultimately, our passion is to effect social change for people that are treated differently by society at large. We do this through connection, love, and belonging in our community. We strive to help all individuals evolve personally and professionally value that we hold ourselves to as well.

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